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Lesser Known Whole Spices of Indian Masala

Lesser Known Whole Spices of Indian Masala


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The century-old traditions of infusing flavours and aroma to cuisines with some of the best Indian spices make Indian food rich in every aspect. Every region of our country is not just rich in cultures and heritage but also with varied flavours of whole spices in the authentic recipes passed on from one generation to another. Even with globalization and the modernization of cities and villages, the taste of the Indian spices remains unchanged. These spices are the roots that keep us connected with our heritage even in this fast-paced life. And a touch of Tit-Bit Spices in our food brings us the homey feeling that fills our stomachs and hearts with delicious food and warmth.

With whole spices ruling our taste palettes, let’s talk about some lesser known spices found in garam masala or in our spice box that elevates the taste of our family recipes.

1. Star Anise or Chakra Phool:

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This uncommon spice is a unique star-shaped condiment grown only in Arunachal Pradesh in India. Tit-Bit Spices’ sweet and spicy flavored star has warmth and is used in desserts and savoury dishes. It’s one of the core spices found in masala chai, and by adding Star Anise to your morning chai, you can add a burst of flavours that can help fight cold and flu. Star Anise can also help in digestion by keeping the gut healthy. This spice is used to add flavours to various dishes like biryani, kebab, cakes, beverages, etc. to enhance the flavours for a distinguished fragrance and taste.

2. Cinnamon or Dal Chini:

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Another necessary spice in masala chai and garam masala is cinnamon. Known as the Miracle Bark or Dal Chini, this spice is literally the bark of a tree. With a warm, sweet and spicy taste, this dark brown bark is commonly used in desserts like cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies, biryani and pulao. Cinnamon is loaded with anti-oxidants that cut down the risk of heart diseases and reduce blood sugar levels and obesity. Our Cinnamon has strong, warm notes and add a special taste to lattes, desserts and curries.

3. Bay Leaves or Tej Patta: 

Incredible Health Benefits Of Bay Leaf

Another culinary spice in our kitchens that is a part of a tree is the Bay Leaf. As the name suggests, Bay Leaf is an aromatic leaf used as a whole while tempering various curries. Quite bitter but extremely aromatic, bay leaves are removed before serving. Though, the flavours of the leaves is infused into the dish while cooking. Tej Patta is also known for its medicinal properties and can help build a healthy immune system and relieve sinus pressure or a stuffy nose. Bay leaves are dried and stored as a whole or are ground with other spices for garam masala.

4. Fenugreek Seeds or Methi Dana: 

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These small, yellowish-brown seeds are bitter in taste with a strong, pungent aroma. Often used in tempering, Fenugreek Seeds are used in vegetables, dals, curries and pickles. Tit-Bit Spices’ Fenugreek Seeds are rich and flavourful with a powerful scent and taste. These seeds have various medicinal properties and will improve digestion and heart ailments with regular consumption.

 5. Mustard Seeds or Rai or Sarso: 

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These tiny round balls look plain but are full of tempting flavours. Mustard or Rai is extensively cultivated in the northern states of India and is diligently used in many staple recipes. Black mustard seeds are extremely pungent in taste and are used as a whole spice to temper dals, subzi and curries. While white mustard seeds are used in pickles for their unique tart taste. Tit-Bit Spices’ mustard seeds are full of dietary fibers, vitamins and other nutrients along with a natural and authentic taste. Add a flavourful and healthy touch to your recipes with our mustard seeds.

Tit-Bit Spices has all of these whole spices and more to make your food delicious, healthy and memorable. Order your spices now and change the way you include them in your diet with some of our health tips. Have a flavourful day!



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