Boost Your Immunity With These Indian Spices

In every Indian household, food is an integral part of life. From elaborate healthy breakfasts to hearty lunches and dinners, our lives revolve around thinking, preparing and consuming food. Indian food is a blend of nutritious ingredients, and these recipes are centuries old and hold significance for leading a healthy and stable life. An ancient Indian scripture mention “Aushadham Ucchyate Sarvam”, which means food is the ultimate cure and healer. Our food is a powerhouse of immunity boosting components and ingredients that makes make our meals delicious and wholesome.

Tit-Bit spices carry a legacy of traditions of the Indian culture. These traditional spices are known for their aromas and flavours, but they are full of medicinal and immunity boosting properties. Let’s look at them and see how we can incorporate them into our daily lives effortlessly.

1.) Turmeric – Our Grandmother’s Favourite Spice! 

Turmeric is one of the oldest Indian spices used in almost every Indian dish. The rich flavour and medicinal properties of Turmeric make it our grandmother’s favourite spice and their best friend for home remedies. Tit-Bit spices turmeric powder has a strong earthy aroma. Adding the nutrient rich, golden yellow turmeric powder to warm milk can help you boost your immunity. It contains Curcumin with Phyto derivatives with anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects. Everyday usage of turmeric powder can help diabetic patients. Turmeric also helps in providing instant relief from cold, cough, sinus related issues and sore throat and proves to be an excellent immunity booster for the body.

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2.) Black Pepper – The King of Spices

The king of spices, black pepper contains piperine that gives it its health boosting properties. With a houseful of vitamins like A, C, E and K, Black Pepper is an antioxidant and protects the throat from cold, cough and flu. Tit-Bit Spices’ Black Pepper seeds are dried and roasted to enhance the earthy aroma. It not just adds a bite to the food but also helps to boost immunity with everyday consumption. Our black pepper can be stored for a long duration without losing its fiery flavour. Using pepper in soups and drinks is a great way to include it in our diet. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that can help to improve gut health. This is what makes Black Pepper a vital spice for home remedies.

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3.) Cloves – Infusing Flavours and Aromas

Cloves have many long lasting ailing effects and are used in many home remedies. For ages, they have relieved toothaches and common colds. Cloves are also known for decreasing toxicity in the blood because of their anti-viral properties. The cloves of Tit-Bit Spices will infuse your famous curries with an extra punch of flavour and aroma to give them a heavenly taste. Biryani and Pulao, the Indian Garam Masala and the Chettinad Masala include this efficient and essential spice that not makes the dishes delicious, fragrant and flavourful but also helps to boost immunity effortlessly.

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4.) Cardamom-The Flavourful Spice

The next Indian spice having secret health benefits is Cardamom. This spice is generously used in Indian households; in teas, Indian sweets, and rice dishes like Biryani and Pulao to accentuate the taste and flavours of the recipe. Cardamom, also known as “Elaichi”, is used as “mukhwas” or mouth-freshener after a meal too. But did you know that this small, green coloured spice is rich in antioxidants that can help to lower your blood pressure? Tit-Bit Spices’ cardamom has herbal warmth like fragrance with a sweet smelling taste. It is a must have in our diet to boost immunity and stay physically healthy.

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5.) Fenugreek Seeds – The Multi-Functional Immunity Booster

Fenugreek seeds commonly known as Methi Dana in the Indian household are proven to prevent flatulence, indigestion and other digestive issues. One teaspoon of Tit-Bit Spices’ Fenugreek seeds is rich in protein, carbs, fibre and minerals like iron and magnesium. The perfectly blended Tit-Bit Spices’ Fenugreek powder enhances the taste of pickles, curries and gravies. Consuming overnight soaked fenugreek seeds lowers cholesterol levels, promotes good digestion, and acts as an antacid to relieve acidity. Our ancestors have also used fenugreek seeds to minimise the effects of arthritis and muscle pains.

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