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At Tit-Bit Foods (India) Pvt Ltd

We process all kinds & forms of spices in order to cater to the Global Food Palette. Our dynamic nature helps us cater to almost all verticals of the business.


Our products are exported to the USA, Canada, UK, West Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, and are expanding their footprints to many more continents. We have been serving many of our loyal customers for more than 20 years, who trust us for our quality & service.


We are one of the preferred brands in the city of Mumbai and gradually expanding our reach across PAN India. 


We like to give our customers the ease of buying and hence, are a click away on the most prominent e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 


We are one of the preferred company for many food product manufacturers in the domestic market. High quality is what they always look for and we make sure to deliver.

Private Labelling

We are one of the most reliable partners for some domestic as well as international brands. We do cater to the global food palette in its true sense.

Our Infrastructure

A sprawling 44,000 sq ft manufacturing facility based in Navi Mumbai, India. We are equipped with modern and updated technology to produce world class products. 

Hi-tech Laboratory & Qualified Chefs along with a dedicated workforce, put in their best efforts to spreadsmiles all around the world with the taste & aroma of our spices.

Consistency in taste, aroma and quality of our spices is the outcome of our constant & consistent endeavour.

Our Process

1 - Sourcing

Only the best harvest sourced from its hub during the right season, which is carefully preserved and processed timely is our winning trait.

2 - Testing of raw material

Raw materials are tested in our R&D facility to make sure only clean and excellent quality of raw materials make it to the next stage of production. 

3 - Sorting & Cleaning

Ultra modern machines clean the raw materials, after which colour sorting takes place. This is followed by handpicking. (High standards of hygiene and sanitization are maintained to prevent contamination).

4 - Drying & Roasting

The selected materials are then dried and roasted in large pans that ensure an even roast. 

5 - Grinding

Grinding at precise speeds as per the make-up of the spice ensures an even consistency.

6 - Mixing

High speed mixers ensure that there is perfect blending of spices.

7 - Testing of finished products

It is time for the finished product to get tested by the R&D team in our Hi-tech Laboratory to make sure everything is safe and perfect for consumption as per the International standards.

8 - Packing

The finished goods are packed by the ultra modern Pick Fill Seal machines & bulk packs in moisture resistant bags to preserve taste and aroma.

9 - Storing

Finished products are stored in highly hygienic conditions. 

10 - Dispatch

The final leg of the journey for the spices begins when they are dispatched from our facility and reach homes worldwide.  

Accreditation & Affiliation​

Our Team

Mr. Mahendra Doshi

Mr. Vijay Doshi
Executive Director

Mr. Nimesh Doshi
Purchase Director

Mr. Nikhil Doshi
Vice President

Mrs. Krupa Doshi
Vice President Marketing